Our agency is an accredited agency with PHFA and Neighborworks, which enables us to offer great counseling free to our clients needed to gain control of their finances and improve their lives through one-on-one credit counseling and financial education!  Also we provide relevant and timely information to best address the individual needs of our clients and their communities.  Our certified credited counselors help you sort out your unique financial situation.  We do it by helping you to analyze, understand and get control of your personal finances.

People come to us with problems impacting their financial well being, such as:

• Purchasing a New Home
• Poor Credit History
• Threat of Bankruptcy
• Facing Foreclosure/ACT 91 and Loan Modifications

At American Angel Housing Counseling we teach individuals to take a proactive empowering action to work on their financial situation, whether correcting ones credit, purchasing a new home or saving ones home!

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For Low Income Families